Hate: (n) Intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury. (Merriam Webster Dictionary)


When I awoke this morning, I had no idea what I was going to post on my blog today.  I had hoped to have my next set of lists ready from my 30 lists project.  But I did not get as far as I would like on the project, so that was out.  I considered a quick tech tip, but that just didn’t excite me.  That led me on an Internet search for inspiration.  One of the places I looked was on The Quote Garden site as suggested in today’s Ultimate Blog Challenge email.  As soon as I saw the above quote, I knew I had found my inspiration

I get so discouraged these days reading and listening to discussions in the news, on Facebook or Twitter, or popular Internet websites (the list is endless really).  And it’s not just political discourse (although that is definitely filled with intense hostility these days).  It has become very popular, even acceptable, to hate anyone who does not think exactly like you.  Or that you think to be lower than you on some scale you have devised.  But what real benefit is there to be gained from that?  Certainly not understanding.  We will not learn compassion or patience.  Society will not be improved as long as we allow hatred to become acceptable simply because we do not disagree.

I in no way believe that we all need to think the same way.  We do not.  Society will never grow and change for the better if we all set around in agreement constantly.  It wouldn’t be much fun either.  However, I think we (and that includes me) can all work to not allow disagreement to turn into hate.  We will be much better off as a society, and as individuals, as we work on avoiding such out right hostility/hate.

(Photo used is from Scott M. Liddell and can be found on MorgueFile.com.)