30listsimgSeptember is over, but I am still working on the 30 Lists project.  I really enjoyed working on this project during September and I finished about half of my lists.  I will continue working on my lists during October and plan to finish the project before the end of October.  As I finish lists, I will continue to share them with you here.

Today I will be sharing with you lists 24 – 26.  I really enjoyed creating these lists, because I used plenty of paint on all three lists.  (And there’s nothing I like more than using lots of paint.)

The prompt for list 24 was to create a list of ways to have a better day.  You’ll notice that the list includes chocolate, because there is no day that can’t be improved when chocolate is added.

List 24

List 24 – Created using Be[you]tiful and Be[you]tiful Add-on from SuzyQ Scraps, Dolly Daydream 12×12 Tears & Masks from Dawn Inskip, Assimilations 1, You Are Brilliant Gesso and AJC 11 Apprentice Art Box Edition from Tangie Baxter and Paper Tear from Stephanie Krush Fonts: Postino Std and The Storm

List 25 was definitely another favorite of mine. And I think the list would have been much longer had I attempted to cover all of the family quirks. I did include quirks from both of our dogs and our cat. After all, they are part of the family.

List 25

List 25 – Created using September Storyteller 2012 Collection, Layer Border Edge Halftone, Mixed Meida Stamps 1 and Just Spray Brushes Take 2 from Just Jaimee Font: The Jessica

This brings us to list 25. For list 25, the prompt was to create a list of rules for friends. I don’t really have a list, but I thought most of the items on my list make sense for any friendship. The last item, not hating technology, is very specific to me. And I am not saying you have to love technology like I due. But if you really hate technology our friendship probably won’t last long.

List 26

List 26 – Created using Denim & Lace from Kimeric Kreations, Mixed Media Stamps 1 from Just Jaimee and SWAP 149 Freebie from Word Art World Font: Apple Chancery and Rabiohead

I will probably be sharing the rest of my lists about once a week throughout the month until I have completed the project. If you haven’t seen my previous lists, you can see them all in my 30 Days of Lists September 2013 gallery.

Do you have any projects you’ll be working on this month?  For me, I will be doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge as well as completing Tangie Baxter’s Face Your Fears workshop.  Plus I’ll continue working on 30 Lists.  Share with me the projects you are working on this month.  I’d love to check them out.

Thanks for stopping by.  Until next time, don’t forget to document your memories.