ink pen and book isolated on white backgroundEarlier this month, I mentioned that in October I would be participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  Well, in case you haven’t realized it, October 1st will be here tomorrow.  It’s hard to believe we have four months left in 2013.  Fo me, this year has passed by incredibly slowly but way too quickly at the same time.  Anyone else feel like that?

Right now, I am actually feeling intimidated by the idea of completing 31 blog posts during the month of October.  But at the same time, I am excited for the challenge.  This blog is very important to me and I want to see it filled with great content.  I think participating in this challenge can help me achieve that goal as I work to come up with new and interesting ideas to meet the October challenge.

I am not just posting this as merely a journal post for my own record.  Although that is a good reason for the post.  But I also want to ask a question of you.  That’s right, I have a question for you.  What would you like to see me post about during the month of October.  Do you have an Android or iOS app you’d like me to review?  Is there anything about digital scrapbooking you’d like me to cover? Which of my posts do you find most interesting.  Which ones do you wish I’d avoid?  Is there something I’ve covered in the past, but haven’t talked about lately?  I really want to know what you are thinking, so please leave me a comment and let me know what you want to see on my blog.

That’s it for today.  But I’ll be back tomorrow, and every day next month.  Until then, don’t forget to document your memories.