MyFivesMany years ago., back when I first started digital scrapbooking there was a challenge at Divine Digital, at least I think that is the store that held it, to scrap lists of “5 Things”.  The challenge lasted 50 days and there was a new list daily.  I only completed a few of the lists.  But I did keep a copy of each day’s challenge.  Going back through it, I found that some of the daily challenges would also make great blog posts.  I decided I would begin today covering some of the best topics.  One of my favorite was a list of five cities I’ve visited that I would want to visit again.  So here is my list of five.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Navy Pier (3880783958)

The only time I visited Chicago it was for work.  But I was lucky enough to spend a little time down at Navy Pier and even did an architectural boat tour.  However, my time for recreation in Chicago was very short.  There was so much I did not get to see in that area alone that I would love to return for pleasure only.  Not only do I want to visit Navy Pier again, I’d also like to visit both Millennium Park and Grant Park.  There are great attractions at both.

Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara was my last area as a missionary.  And I would love to be able to return.  Such a gorgeous town.Beach Santa Barbara CA  For this trip, I definitely want to stay at one of the hotels on the beach.  Plus I’d love to be able to revisit the downtown area and the Old Santa Barbara Mission.  I would definitely want to be there on a Sunday to see how much the little Spanish branch has changed.

Provo, Utah

BYU Bell Tower with Provo Temple

I went to BYU, so I have definitely spent my share of time in Provo.  But the last time I visited was 2000.  I would love to go back out and show David around the campus.  (Although I know it has changed a lot since my college days.)  Plus there are a few place to eat that I would like to revisit.  (Can you say Brick Oven?)  I’d really like to return and actually attend Education Week at BYU. I’ve been to Women’s Conference once, but never Education Week.  (And if I were in Provo, I would definitely spend some time in Salt Lake City as well.)

Miami, Florida

Miami is just about three hours south of me.  And I’ve only been twice.  Once just to drive along South BeachMiami FL before heading to Key West (this was before David & I got married).  And once to visit Parrot Jungle.  (This was shortly after we got married.)  I’d love to go back and see Jungle Island (the new Parrot Jungle), plus visit the Miami Seaquarium, Zoo Miami and Coral Castle.  It would be just a short drive.  We could get a hotel for one night and really relax.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe Palace of the GovernorsI visited Santa Fe several times in my younger days.  But I’d love to go back and this time with my camera.  There is much to see.  Plus David has never been.  And I think for someone who loves history as much as he does, Santa Fe is a must see.  For my trip I’d have to include the Palace of the Governors and Santa Fe Plaza.  Plus there are so many museums and galleries I’d like to visit.  And no trip would be complete without a visit to the old churches of Santa Fe.

What five cities would you like to revisit?  Share them in the comments below and maybe it will give me some idea to add to my travel bucket list.

Hope everyone has a great weekend ahead of them.  And until next time, don’t forget to document your memories.

(All images in this post, except for My Fives, come from Wikimedia Commons.  Such a great resource, I wanted to make sure y’all knew of it’s existence.)