Amongst my new followers are several fashion bloggers.  I like to have content that interests all my readers, so I thought I’d give a try at creating an outfit.  I hope to be able to create an outfit on a regular basis that is comfortable.  I am not going to recommend outfits that I would not wear.  That also means you can count on my outfits to be modest.  All of this is important to me.  You can also count on lots of red, because that is my favorite color.  You won’t see a lot of winter clothing, because I live in South Florida.

Today’s outfit consists of a red polo shirt, blue jeans and gladiator sandals.  For accessories, I chose heart-shaped stud earrings, a red spangly bracelet, a black & white body bag (which means it will go with everything) and heart-shaped sunglasses.  No single piece of the outfit costs more than $50 dollars.  Most pieces are quite a bit less.  (For the heart shaped earrings, I would head over to the mall and get something much less expensive than what I found on Polyvore.)

Below, you will find links to each piece of the outfit, so you can checkout my suggestions yourself.

Casual Everyday

Aéropostale stripe top

Blue jeans
$33 –

Crossbody handbag


Thanks for taking the time to checkout my first outfit.  For fashion suggestions, you can follow me on Polyvore and Pinterest.  If you have any suggestions for finding cute, comfortable clothes at reasonable prices, hook me up in the comments.

That’s it for today.  I hope everyone has a great weekend ahead of them!  Whatever you do, don’t forget to document your memories.