I am so excited, cause I made
Stephanie Braccolo’s
CT. The layout here is my first layout for the CT. I have been holding on to this picture for awhile and I think it’s the perfect picture for this kit. I am very excited to be on her team. Thanks to Stephanie for inviting me to be on her team.

In other good news, yesterdsay was my husband and I’s 6th anniversary of our first date. So, we went to Olive Garden to celebrate as that is where we had our first date. AFterwards, we went to Targer and my sweetie got me a Harry and David’s Moose Cruch Bar. It was very yummy. I can highly recommend those.

Also, we recently learned that our car loan will be paid off in January. That mean’s we can finally afford a second car and become a two car family. Yeah!!!!

Well, I am going to try publishing this again. Blogger just ate my last attempt. Ugh!!! Posted by Picasa