Tomorrow is Election Day in the United States.  If you are registered to vote, please go out and vote.  I don’t care who you vote for but exercise your right to vote.  Many people in the world will never have a chance to do the same, so take your right to vote seriously.  If you aren’t  registered to vote, get out and do so.  Then you’ll be ready for the next election.

When all the votes are counted, either President Barack Obama or Governor Mitt Romney will serve as the President of the United Stated for the next four years.  And regardless of who wins tomorrow, the world will keep spinning.  (At least, I hope so.)  But if some things don’t change with regards to politics in this country we will be worse off in four years than we are now regardless of who wins.  We’ve got to return to the idea that people on both sides of the aisle have good ideas.  That no one party has a monopoly on good idea.  Democrats have good ideas.  Republicans have good ideas.  Independents have good ideas.  And we, as a nation, need to begin to see this.

I was reading an article recently, I believe in the Washington Post although I could not find it again, that most Congressional historians consider this Congress the most divisive and perhaps most destructive of any Congress.  This Congress could not even pull it together to pass a budget, one of their most important responsibilities.  Everyone blames Congress because they have become so partisan, which is true.  But do you think they would act so partisan if the voters were truly demanding bipartisanship?  Yes, there are still those few moderates who truly want to see bipartisanship.  However, most Americans seem to be more interested in declaring members of the opposite party to be evil rather than demanding bipartisanship from our leaders that will lead to real change.

I have been so disappointed this election cycle.  Normally, I love it when election time rolls around.  When I was 10 years old I was trying to convince my parents to vote for my candidate.  My degree is in Political Science.  But this time around, I cannot wait for tomorrow to be over.

Do you know how many positive ads I saw this cycle?  One.  For Senator Bill Nelson from Florida.  Do you know how many bitter, nasty ads I have seen?  Me either.  They have been too numerous to count.  The different candidates for office, from the local level all the way to the Presidential campaigns, have not spent their time discussing what they will do once they are elected.  Rather they spend their time trying to knock the other guy down.  None of this squabbling will help move our country in a new direction.

When the smoke clears from this election cycle and the winners have been declared, lets demand change.  Lets demand that our leaders seek to work with Democrats, Republicans and Independents to take the United States in a new direction.  We certainly can’t afford to stay on our current path.