Okay, my hubby and I are looking to become a two car family. Unless we can drive the Nissan Versa before we are able to make a final decision, we have narrowed down our choices to two cars: Toyota Matrix or Mazda 3 (five door version). For us, there are pros and cons to each one. So, if you have any experience with either car, please share it. I wish I could buy them both. lol

I will have to say while car shopping yesterday we did run into quite the deal on a mini-van, but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to get it. It was a 2005 Kia Sedona that was brand new, but had never sold. So, they were offering $10,000 off the asking price so it was $19,000 for a mini van w/ leather, DVD player for the rear seats. Nice mini van. But just not what we wanted.

But please any experiences you have with the Matrix or Sedona, please share them.