Challenge Three of the Amazing Digiscrapping Race was hosted at Natural Designs in Scrapbooking..  The initial description of the challenge sounded easy enough.  We were to make layouts about our family’s play time.  Sounds easy enough.  Here is the first part of the description.

Tell us about your family games, if your family is split and all like to do their own thing,,, tell us what each member of your family likes to do!
You do not need a huge amount of journaling, but remember this layout will be for you, so you need enough to explain what everyone does and why they enjoy it.
You do not need to include a photo unless you want to, the layout of your page is more important than a photo for this challenge.

Sounds easy enough.  That is when things got a little more complicated, because there was a twist.

The plot of your layout should represent the game or games that you play!
For instance, if you’re all into playing Monopoly,, your layout should look like a Monopoly board
If you like to play Parcheesi, it should look like a Parcheesi board
If you like playing Baseball, it should look like a baseball pitch
If you like playing Wii, it should look like a TV screen or a game console,,
If you’re all quiet readers, your layout should look like a book

Michelle was on top of this one.  She had this completed in no time flat and even created her own DVD from scratch.

My layout did not come together so quickly.  At first, I wanted to put together a hiking/walking trail cause that is often what David and I do on Saturdays.  But that seemed like it was gonna take way more time than I had.  And thanks to an awesome television template provided by Michelle, I came up with another idea and spotlighted our love of Japanese anime.

Hope you enjoyed our Challenge 3 layouts.  I’ll be back in a couple of days with the layout from Challenge 4.