Challenge 4 of the Amazing Digiscrapping Race 6 was hosted by DigiScrapStation. And this challenge was an Intersection Challenge.

For Intersection Challenges both members of the team work together to create one layout. For this challenge, one person was to provide the photos and journaling. The other member of the team was to create the actual layout.

The challenge itself was to create a layout about the travelling family. Here is the challenged as described on DigiScrapStation’s site.

Many families in these busy times are always on the go, to games, practices, school, friends and also on vacations. This layout is to be about your family’s travels. It can be about the vehicles used to travel, about the locations your family travel to or about the actual travel itself.

For our layout, I provided the photos and the journaling. Michelle put the layout together. And finally, my obsession with taking photos of our Mazda 3 came in handy.

Here is the final layout:

I think Michelle did a great job with this layout!!  She is making the Little 3 look good!!
Thanks for stopping by.  I’ll be back in a few days to share our layouts from Challenge 5.