I seem to have an issue with blogging consistency. I’ll do well for a couple of months and then I seem to take a hiatus. It happened once again at the end of 2014. My website was moving way too slow and it was making me not want to blog. After being unable to resolve the issue on my own or through my host, I wasn’t sure what to do so I gave up. I still haven’t resolved the issue, but it’s a new year and it’s time for me to get back to blogging.

I decided there was no better way to get back to blogging than to share another project I am giving another chance, Project Life. I’ve started this project more than once and never made it past the first two or three pages. But I’m giving it another try for 2015. My goal for 2015 is to have at least one two-page layout for every two weeks of 2015. Here are my first two pages.

Project Life Layout(Created with Storyteller 2015 Hunter Collection from Just Jaimee and Pockets N9 6 Stitched from Valorie Wibbens. Fonts are DJB She is Strong and DJB Little Black Dress from Darcy Baldwin plus American Typewriter.)

I have a subscription to Just Jaimee’s Storyteller Collection for all of 2015. I am hoping that having the subscription and participating in the forums that are part of the subscription will help me stay on track. Then at the end of 2015, I’ll have the book printed and will have a great way of remembering 2015.

I definitely need to do better at taking pictures in 2015 if I am going to do better at Project Life this year. I did end up with at least one picture for every week, but I need to better if I am going to keep the project interesting and to have an album worth printing.  But at least I got two pages completed which is a step in the right direction.