Earlier this week, I had planned to participate in a blog hop. But the problems I was experiencing with my website made it almost impossible for me to create a post. Last night, after months of frustration, I finally got the problem resolved. Now I can really get back to blogging. (Blogging is not much fun when it takes five minutes every time you click “save draft”.

The blog hop I had planned to be part of was for 30 Days of Lists.  I love the 30 Days of Lists concept. Yet, as many times as I’ve taken part, I’ve never finished more than a few days. But it’s a new year and my site is running well, so this time is going to be different. I am going to be sharing every day my list for the day right here on this blog. This means you might not get the post at the same time every day, but every day there will be a post.

To give you a peek at what to expect from me, here is the list I created for the blog hop page. The prompt is from the prompts 30 Lists gave out in March of 2011. (This list is available free to everyone. No need to be registered for the March 2015 prompts.) My prompt is number 23, guilty pleasures.


30 Lists - Guilty Pleasure

Created with August 2014 Storyteller Collection from Just Jaimee. Fonts are DJB Digi Jenlin and DJB Doodlie Beans from Darcy Baldwin.

I chose to create a 4×6 image,so that I can easily insert it into my 2015 Project Life pages. I have not decided that i definitely want to use that size for my 2015 listing. My other thought is to go with a Simple Stories SNAP album. I have found a site online that prints 6×8 pages. Not sure which way I want to go. I still have a few days left to decide.

Thank you for stopping by today to see my latest lists creation. I hope to see you back in March when I will be sharing a list a day on my blog. Until next time, don’t forget to take pictures!