On Thursday, David and I celebrated 15 years of marriage. It doesn’t seem like 15 years have already passed since our wedding day. I can’t say that all of the last 15 years have been easy. They definitely have not. One thing that has never changed is our commitment to each other. I’d say our love hasn’t changed, but that probably wouldn’t be true. I love David more today than I did 15 years ago. He is my best friend and I love spending time with him. Even during the life struggles we’ve experienced, we love being together. I truly could not have asked for a better husband.

David’s starting a new job on Monday, so we have put our celebration on hold until mid-September. That doesn’t mean I wanted to wait to create a layout celebrating our love. (I never want to wait to create a layout that includes David.)

I created the page I’m about to show you for the August Storyteller Challenge at The Lilypad. This challenge was a scraplift of a paper layout. There were three or four layouts to choose from. This is the layout I chose to lift.

I chose this page because I loved the large photo and the scalloped border. This is my version of the layout.

15 Years of Love

Created using Storyteller 2016 August Collection and Storyteller 2016 August Add-on Styles from Just Jaimee. Fonts are Cooper Std and Brush Script MT.

I really limited the elements on the page for a couple of reasons. One, the large photo and the double level scalloped border took up a lot of space on the page. Second, when I tried to add paint or stamps it just seemed to add clutter and distracted from the page.

Creating the scalloped border was easy once I stopped trying to make it hard. For each level, I positioned circle shaped along the edge to get the look I wanted and then I merged the circle layers together to create each level.

The large photo was not taken on Thursday. It was taken back in April at Epcot. No, it’s not the most recent picture I have us. But it was the best photo I had that was in a horizontal orientation.

I really like the way the final page turned out. Not a very complicated design, but sometimes simple is better.

Thanks for making it this far. Until next time, don’t forget to document your memories.