During the current election cycle, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend. People have started treating politics like it’s football. They pick a side to root for and then this side becomes the only team for them. The Liberal Team. The Conservative Team. The Republican Team. Once the team has been chosen, then they are only willing to support the politicians and ideas that their team captain says should be supported.

Internet memes are compounding the problem. When we are on Facebook or Pinterest, we are surrounded by memes. Some of them are cute and funny. Many of them are political based. These memes encourage our desire to choose a political team.

Politicians and political activists would have you believe that you must choose a team. That only by being a 100% loyal to your political team can change come. They want you to believe that choosing a team is the only way to a better world. In reality, it’s the only way to ensure nothing changes. Letting party loyalists make decisions for us is not going to make things better.

Choosing a political team is a bad idea. This is not football. The issues and candidates we support should not be determined by a political team. We need to evaluate the candidates and issues carefully, look at the situation from all sides and then decide which candidate or issue we will support. This is how we get politics working for us again.

We need to get politics working again now. We cannot wait for another election cycle to make changes. Start now to decide for yourself what politicians and ideas you support. Don’t let party matter. No one party has all the answers we need. It’s time to leave political teams behind.

Begin now to think for yourself. That is the only way things will ever change.