United States Elections Map

In the United States, today is election day. If you are currently registered to vote, and have not already voted, please take the time to go vote. You may not realize it, but this is one of your most important responsibilities and opportunities as a citizen of the United States. We are very blessed to have the opportunity to freely elect candidates of our choosing. We don’t have to fear violence. We don’t have to fear personal repercussions. We are very blessed. Now we need to take advantage of this opportunity to vote.

Not registered to vote? This is the time to get registered for the next election, while you are thinking about it today.  The U.S. Election Assistance Commission can help you get the information you need to register. Do not let another another election pass without registering to vote.

I also want to make another plea for moderation. When all the votes are counted, lets work together to make sure our government works and that our elected officials are really making an effort to work together for the good of this country. Even if your preferred candidate doesn’t win, the world will not stop spinning. There is no need to go hide in your house or act badly toward anyone who does not agree with you politically. Instead, take advantage of all the opportunities you have to keep up with what’s going on in the United States and around the world. Take a look at the issues from a variety of perspectives. You never know what you might learn that may change you own point of view. Then stay in touch with your representatives. Make sure your view point is known. Every issue may not be decided as you would wish. However, it is a certainty that you will have no chance to affect change if you are hiding your head in the sand cause you don’t like how today’s election turned out.

Please, if you are registered to vote, then head to the polls. This is your chance to make a difference.