Pizza Hut Meat Lover's PizzaPizza Hut Meat Lover’s pizza 2” by BrokenSphereOwn work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Last night, David and I decided to have dinner at Pizza Hut. It was not a great visit. Before I talk about last night let me back up a few weeks.

Up until a few weeks ago, we were never big Pizza Hut fans. About the only time we went in was when I wanted hamburger pizza.  Then a few weeks, we went in and found the menu completely revamped. They offer multiple sauce options for your pizza. You can make additions to the edge of your crust like toasted asiago cheese and pretzel pieces. One really yummy new option for your pizza is fresh spinach and balsamic vinaigrette. So good. We tried their wings for the first time last night. While the wings are incredible small, the parmesan garlic wings tasted great.

We’ve had good service in the past. We usually have the same waitress and normally go in on the weekends when we aren’t pressed for time. Last night was exactly the opposite. The service was so slow I considered suggesting we skip the pizza altogether. It started out okay. Our waitress came to take our drink orders as soon as we sat down. Generally a good sign. When the waitress returned with our drinks, we hadn’t decided what to order so I gave her our wings order so it could get started. That is where things made a major tnrn for the worse.

It only took us a couple of more minutes to decide on a pizza. Alas, the waitress didn’t show back up until our wings were ready. And it’s not like those wings arrived quick. I was beginning to think our waitress had forgotten about us. After that, the pizza was very slow to arrive at our table. For some reason, once the pizza was delivered, the waitress became very attentive. But by then, it was too late. Our pizza dinner turned into a two hour visit. Way too long for a Wednesday night.

Will I be returning to Pizza Hut? Yes. I still like their new menu. But I’ll be making a lot fewer visits since I can only go on a Saturday and I definitely don’t want pizza every Saturday night.

I think it’s time for me to go get some cold pizza. Until next time, enjoy some good pizza.