I have to admit that I love living in South Florida.  When I first moved here, I used to hate that sweaters were really a non-starter here.  But now I love that I can wear sandals all year long.  (My feet like to be free.)  I own very few pairs of socks cause I just don’t need them.

Well in 2010, South Florida let me down.  It was actually cold here both in January and December.  And I am not talking about “oh it’s in the 50s so I think I am freezing and everyone else wants to kill me”. I am talking ice here people  Kill off all my beautiful plants type of weather and I have proof.  Cause being a good scrapper, I have pages documenting said cold.  Here are two separate pages from January 2010.

This first layouts contains my favorite photo of the three.  David put out a bucket of water near our hibiscus to draw the cold in to the water.  He managed to lift the sheet of ice directly out of the bucket and I think it is a great photo.

(Created using It’s Wintry, Foil It – Frames 1 and Cut It from Merkeley Designs)

Just ignore the February mentioned in the journaling on this layout. This picture was actually from January 6th.

(Layout created using We Can Build A Snowman by Michelle Batton and Elise’s Pieces and Clustered Frames – The Messy Files by 4 Shades of Blue Designs (now retired))
But no, the cold couldn’t just stay away for the rest of the year.  December brought plenty of cold weather of it’s own.  In fact, we are still waiting to see if some of our plants are going to make it.
Here’s my layout with my December 2010 ice photos.  (Trust me, I am not happy to have this many ice photos.  Would much rather have sunny, warm photos to share.)
 (Layout created using Feelin Frosty and
12×12 Scalloped Mats from Shanmomto4 Designs)
It’s now 2011 and we’ve had some days that have been colder than I like.  But at least we haven’t seen any more ice…yet.