When David and I were out at 10 Mile Creek on Saturday, I actually managed to get a photo of David where he is smiling and his eyes are actually open. If you look at the photos I scrap of him, you’ll know that this is a rare fete. Needless to say, I had to scrap it.

The layout was created using On The Go and Scatter It Templates from Merkeley Designs.  I used the Scatter It Templates to create the cutouts in the top paper.  The font I used is Boring Showers.

Using paper cutouts is an idea I was introduced to during ADSR 6 and I love it.  Expect to see a lot more paper cutouts in the future.  And as a Gimp user, templates like Scatter It make using cutouts much easier.  (As Gimp is an image manipulation program, it does not contain all the shapes that you’ll find in Photoshop Eleements.)

I have to say that I have found On The Go to be a very versatile kit.  This is the second layout I’ve created in the last month using this kit and I’ve created others as well.  On The Go is considered a mini kit, but I have gotten more than a little use out of it.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my layout.  I always enjoy creating layouts that feature my sweetie, David.  Until next time, don’t forget to take a picture.