It’s been two weeks since I’ve shared any layouts, other than two for my new December Lists project, and that means I have allowed the layouts to just stack up.  Not good.  That means I have six layouts I want to share with you today.  While some of you may totally enjoy scrolling through all six layouts, I know there are others who prefer a quick glance.  I hope I can make all of you happy.  Below are the six layouts I want to share with you.  Can click on any of the layouts to view larger images and see what products were used in creating the layout.

I have been having such fun creating my layouts of late. I finally feel like I have found a style that works for me, which makes creating layouts much more enjoyable. It’s a great feeling when you are proud of whatever you have created.

I hope everyone has a great weekend ahead of them! Until next time, don’t forget to document your memories.