Here is the layout I created of my week one pics.  (It’s a two-page layout.)  As you can see from the pics, it was a very cold week in Florida.

Left Page

Right Page

Everything I used is from Michelle Batton. You can find the full credits for the left page here. Credits for the right page are here.

Here is the journaling for those who would like to read it.

Day 1: Got the new year started off right with a sushi dinner at Ankai. I do love my sushi.

Day 2: Got some work done in the backyard. David took down some Florida Holly and I helped haul it to the curb.

Day 3: Sazume is now under the blanket. It’s the start of a very cold couple of weeks.

Day 4: This tree was the last of the Chrsitmas decorations still up in my office at work.

Day 5: It is 37 degrees in South Florida. That is so rare.

Day 6: Yes, that is ice on one of our cars. Brrr!

Day 7: I think this was my fourth cup of hot chocolate. There were many more cups to come.