At the end of 2013, it seemed like the only posts I was creating were digital scrapbooking related.  I wasn’t creating that many of those either, but it seemed to be the only thing I was doing.  I am breaking it up a bit in 2014, but that doesn’t mean that I am saying goodbye to the digscrapping related posts.  That is why today, I am sharing my first layout of 2014.

My first layout is actually a digital art journaling page.  One of the things I love about art journaling is the ability to share feelings using both images and words.  With today’s page, I am expressing my frustration and sadness with the direction my life seems to be taking.  The last few years have been rough ones and that just does not seem to be changing in 2014.  Yes, I know it is early in the year, but I am afraid that does not change how I feel.  That is what I am trying to express.with this page.  I really wanted to express my confusion while still showing I haven’t give up on a change.

With that lead in, let me share with you my latest digital art journaling page.

Looking 4 Light

Created using DARE to Transform Your Pain from Angie Young, My Stamp Stash #10 from Krystal Hartley, Winter Foam Alpha from Tracy Martin, Rubbed Ink Block Alpha from Just Jaimee and Up for Ransom Alpha from Sweet Digi Scraps

I generally try to be positive here on my blog. But sometimes I just don’t feel it in every day life. This page is expressing just a little of that. I hope you don’t mind my taking a moment to share it with you.