Well, yesterday we had to buy a new fridge. Ours decided to give up the ghost on Saturday night. We knew it was dying just wanted it to last awhile longer. My hubby bought it used when he had the house built 8 years ago. So really, it performed quite admirably.

I was a little bummed about having to buy the new fridge, because we didn’t quite yet have the money to buy the one we really wanted. However, we actually came really close. We found am $1800 fridge for $800. That rocked. And it wasn’t from Home Depot or Lowe’s. There is this store called Jetsons that is only in our area and has like three stores. Well, there prices were no more expensive than any of the big box stores and they could get it to us much quicker. We bought it yesterday and it is arriving today. :O)

So, we are now going to have a side by side fridge with ice and water in the door. That is one of the things I’ve missed since I got married. So, I am back in business there.