It’s been almost four years since I wrote regarding a need for our political leaders to begin working across the aisle to do what is best for the United States. That need is as great now as it was when I wrote the post. However, I think there is a greater need now in this country than bipartisanship. It is a need for civility.

Don’t get me wrong. We absolutely need bipartisanship. Nothing worthwhile will be accomplished until a spirit of bipartisanship returns to politics. However, there is an even greater need just to be civil. If our leaders can’t even be civil to each other, how will we ever have real bipartisanship again?

It’s okay to disagree. I believe nothing much would be accomplished if everyone was busy agreeing all the time. Plus life would be pretty boring. But daily life has become filled with anger and hate. It’s no longer that our leaders disagree, or that we ourselves disagree, but personal attacks have become common. “The other side is stupid.” “The other side is evil.” Our politicians have begun peddling hate and anger. Some politicians have even talked of punching others. What good can really come from a climate that filled with hate?

This has to change. This level of animosity is toxic for Washington D.C. and it’s toxic for the country as a whole. We need this change and it has to start with us. We can’t allow hate to win. We need civility. We need to act civilly toward those with whom we disagree. We need to require civility from those who lead this nation. Only then will we see things change for the better in this country.

I know it’s easy to hold on to anger. I know you feel justified in supporting politicians who justify your anger. However, it’s time for a change. That change has to start today.

Until next time, please let’s just be a little more civil to one another. We have to start somewhere.