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Surely, I am not the only one in need of inspiration these days.  Maybe you are looking for something cool to post on Facebook or Twitter.  Perhaps you need to get a blog post up, but are out of ideas.  Or maybe you need something to spark your scrapping mojo.  Regardless of the reason why, I have a suggestion that may help.  Go take a look at some quote sites.

I know for myself, I am usually looking for inspiration for one of two things.  Either I need a blog post (and this is especially true this month since I am participating in the Ultimate Blogging Challenge) or I need ideas for scrapping pages.  More and more I am turning to quote sites.  Sometimes, I am looking for a quote on a specific topic.  Other times, I am looking to have a quote inspire me.  Quote sites have become a great tool for me.

I originally started using quote sites for my digital scrapbooking.  Initially, I was always in search of a quote on a specific topic to act as journaling for a page.  This “Change” layout is an example of me using a quote as journaling for a page.



More recently, I have begun using quotes for my digital art journaling pages. I will often find a quote that inspires me and then create a page around that quote.

Go Confidently

Go Confidently

I have now begun using quotes to help inspire my blog posts as well. I wish I had thought of this idea much sooner. Maybe I wouldn’t have so many long stretches were I have posted nothing.  (I’ve always included a page or pages of my favorite quotes, but never thought to use them to inspire actual posts.)  I have begun using an idea that came from the hosts of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and creating quote graphics to go with my posts. You can see examples of this with my recent “Thought for the Day: Hate” and “Thought for the Day: Heavenly Father Loves You” posts.

Because quote sites have become a great source of inspiration for me, I thought I’d share with you a few great places you can look for quotations next time you are in need of some inspiration.

The Quote Garden

Goodreads Quotes

Brainy Quote

Notable Quotes

The Quotations Page


Where do you go when you are seeking inspiration?   Do you have a favorite quote sight?  Do you love Pinterest?  Is there some place I have heard of that I need to know about?  Hook me up in the comments below.  I am always looking for more ways to find inspiration.