LucasArts Star Wars: Tiny Death StarI have become addicted to a game and I can’t really explain the addiction. I’m not winning. I’m not even certain that you can really “win” this game. Normally, I would say this game was more like work than play, but somehow I still love it. You may wonder why I even play this game and I can’t really tell you, except for one thing. I love it. The game I am talking about is Star Wars: Tiny Death Star.

When I first learned about this game Gina Trapani on All About Android (yes, I learn about a lot of the apps I use from the All About Android podcast), I decided to give it a try because I wanted something new to play. But to be honest, I didn’t expect to play long. I had played Tiny Towers before and enjoyed the game for awhile, but then tired of how slow I was moving because I wasn’t willing to make in-app purchases. (I did try it once in Tiny Towers, but found it was a waste. It just did not help my game play enough.) I expected the same to happen here. I’ve been playing for over a month. Maybe two and I am still in love. I have even gotten my husband, David addicted.

The game play is simple.  You build levels, add bitizens and stock shelves to keep the Death Star going.  That’s right, you are working on the Dark Side.  You aren’t working with Luke and Leia, but are on the other other side.  You also hunt down rebels for Emperor Palpatine.  (I have to admit that the first time it asked me to hunt down Leia, I just couldn’t do it.  But I got over it. lol  Although I do feel a little guilty about it.)

While Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is very similar to Tiny Towers.  There are a couple of differences that makes it a much better game.  First, you can save the VIPs, who can help you build faster, recruit bitizens, etc, rather than waste them if not needed as I had to do in Tiny Towers.  The other difference is you can keep moving in the game even if you are unwilling to make in-app purchases.  I think this is a crucial change that really improves Star Wars: Tiny Death Star.

I can highly recommend giving Star Wars: Tiny Death Star a chance.  It is available for iOS, Android and the Kindle Fire.  You will find links for all three app stores below.  But if you do become addicted, don’t blame me.

Amazon Kindle Fire Google Play Store iOS App Store

Do you have any great game suggestions. They can be iOS or Android. Just leave me names in the comments below and I will check them out.